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Headteacher’s Introduction - Our Values and Ethos.

Ambition for All!

It is Medlock Primary School’s ambition for all our children to fulfil their highest potential. We strive to inspire all our children to become confident, independent and engaged learners. Everything we do is to provide our children with the best start in life and encourage them to take pride in their achievements. 

Medlock serves a vibrant and diverse community. It is a place where differences are recognised and celebrated through our curriculum as well as through pastoral channels. Our children, families and staff are caring, respectful and responsible. We work in partnership with our families and community. 

At Medlock we are passionate about providing every child with the skills they need to be for lifelong learners. We believe that school life should give our children the ambition to be the best they can be through learning being fun, purposeful and challenging. 

At the end of their time at Medlock, our children are confident young global citizens who understand British Values and are ready for the next stage of their educational journey.

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