Help and support to make your claim

Universal Credit information Pack. Feb 2018

Universal Credit
Universal Credit is a Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)
benefit delivered by Jobcentre Plus. It’s a single monthly payment
to help with your living costs and you may be able to get it if you’re
on a low income or out of work.

Universal Credit brings together some existing benefits such as
Housing Benefit and tax credits. It’s paid differently to current
benefits you receive. It’s paid once a month into your bank, credit
union or building society account.

If you live with your partner and you both claim Universal Credit,
you’ll receive a single payment that covers both of you. You’ll also
be responsible for paying your rent.

When you first make a claim, it will take around five to six weeks for
your first payment to be made. You can apply for an advance payment,
but this will be deducted from future payments.

Universal Credit in Manchester
From late 2017, Universal Credit Full Service is being introduced across
Manchester for new benefit claims, and for existing benefit claimants
who have a change in circumstances that affects what they are entitled
to. The date this applies to you depends on where you live in Manchester.
If you already claim Universal Credit Live Service, you’ll need to reapply for
Universal Credit Full Service. The Department for Work and Pensions will
write to you and let you know when you need to reapply. Don’t ignore the
letters or you could end up losing your benefits.

If you’re not affected by Universal Credit yet and you’re not already
receiving Universal Credit, you’ll need to claim other benefits, such
as Housing Benefit, in the normal way.