Welcome to our 2017/18 Eco Councillors.

This year we are aiming to:


October 2017 

We are all looking forward to Biffa and the Manchester University students are coming back in to work with our Eco Councillors this month. We will be looking at reducing, reusing and recycling waste around school and at home.

Some of our Eco Councillors have been telling me why they wanted to be chosen as an Eco Councillor.

I want to help the environment – Aryas

I want to go to meetings and get more involved with school – Emmanuel

It’s a great job – Richard

I want to share my ideas and not be embarrassed to speak out any more – Alaa

I want to take care of plants and trees around the school – Nabeela

Recycle lots in class and at home, especially paper – Antonia

I like taking out the fruit peel bins – Diyaa

We have all been voting for our Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson and our Secretary to run our Eco meetings.


Congratulations to Alaa, Nabeela and Samuel. I know you are all going to do a great job.


October 18th 2017 – Biffa/Manchester University session 1

Biffa (the people that collect your recycling) and 3 Manchester University students came in to work with our Eco Councillors. We all introduced ourselves and found out what the university students studied.

We played a game where we had pictures of different sorts of waste and the different coloured bins. We had to work out in groups and put the waste in the correctly coloured bin. The children did really well.

November 1st 2017 – Biffa/Manchester University session 2

This week we recapped on where we should put our rubbish, making sure that if we put the waste in the correct bins this means that it can get recycled easily by Biffa. We watched a video showing us how the waste gets separated at the recycling center and what happens to it. Tin and aluminium gets sorted using big magnets, glass gets crushed and plastic gets sorted by laser. We then had to answer questions about the video. Yaseen and Samuel had remembered lots from the video.


November 2017 – Biffa/Manchester University sessions 3 & 4

We have been really busy sorting rubbish into the correct bins and learning more about what happens to waste when it gets to the recycling plant. We have also been looking at what happens to our green waste and planting Basil seeds in recycled yogurt pots.


November 22nd 2017 – Manchester Environmental Education Network, Save our Soils

We have started a project with MEEN and Debdale Eco Center called Save our Soils. We will explore what is under our soil and what can we do to improve it. We have already found lots of rocks and other debris under our field and will look into what used to be there before the school was here. We will also look at what has made our soil at school so impoverished. We are looking forward to finding out more.


December 5th 2017 – Traffic Watch

Eco Council were asked by the school governors to record the traffic going past the school in the mornings. We saw some people still dropping children off in the coned area. We noticed lots of works traffic going along Wadeson Road, which was making it difficult for children to cross. We hope to do this again later in the year to see if the results have improved.


December 6th 2017 – Save our soils

We examined the debris that we dug up from our school grounds, there was brick, stones and pieces of broken pottery. We discussed where these pieces may of came from. We also looked at different soil types to guess which one ours was like. We all enjoyed getting stuck in and feeling the soil.

January 23rd 2018 – Making bird food

The cold weather has been really hard on the birds so we wanted to make some food for them and put in the Forest School area. We had bird seed, raisins and meal worms, which we mixed in with vegetarian fat. It was really messy! We then pushed the mixture into pine cones, after they had set and gone hard we hung them outside for the birds. We hope they enjoyed their snacks!

January 31st 2018 – Save our soil

Raichael from MEEN made up a game about the life of a worm, which we played today. Our worms had lots of struggles and battles to survive but one team eventually got to the finish. It was a great game.

February 14th 2018 – Save our soil, trip to Debdale Eco Centre.

We went to visit Marva at Debdale Eco Centre where we had a tour around and got to have a look at how compost was made. We even made our own and got to see the worms that made the compost better. Most of the group enjoyed the samples of the different salad leaves that Marva was growing in her poly-tunnel. As part of the project to improve the soil at Medlock we did a PH test to see how acid or alkali our soil was. We were really surprised to find out that it was in fact nearly neutral which means it is good for growing.

February 28th 2018 – Save our soil, What’s next?

We had a session where we discussed what we should do next for our project. We have the chance of doing some work with the university as well as visit a construction site. I am looking forward to having a look what tiny organisms live in our soil through some really powerful microscopes.

March 14th 2018 – Save our soil, planting new trees and improving the soil for them.

City of Trees very kindly came out and planted some trees in Forest School and behind the hill to help cover the blank fence area. Eco Council helped along with year 3. Eco council improved the soil by putting new compost and bark chips around the trees to help keep in moisture and nutrients. All the children worked really hard as in was difficult to dig in places.

Welcome to our 2016/17 Eco Councillors.

This year we are aiming to:


Comments from our Eco team

We will be having a “Waste week” in 2017 to help reduce waste, we will also be learning about wind power.

Rayan and Sarjeel year 4

We want to be Eco Councillors because we want to save the environment. Waste week will be excellent because you are recycling paper and more.

Aker year 1 and Sarah year 3

We want to be Eco Councillors to help the environment to be a better place and so we can be more trustworthy. In school we are going to arrange lots of events like, waste week, global warming day, gardening week and RSPB visits.

Teasia year 3 and Yara year 5

I want to be an Eco Councillor because I want a special job in school.

Chizaram year 1.


8th November 2016 – RSPB Visit

We had a visit from the RSPB who were helping us to recognize which habitats we have around school and which animals we help. We looked at where different wild animals live and what they need to survive. We also learned what we can do to make more homes for animals. This is something we are going to look at throughout the year.


8th December 2016 – Leaf collecting.

After the RSPB visit we noticed that we needed a compost bin in our wildlife area. Our school has loads of leaves that have fell from the trees so we decided to collect them in to start off our compost area. It was great fun collecting them.


24th January 2017 – Bird feeders


As there isn’t much food available for the birds at this time of year we used apples, birdseed and fat to make food for the birds. We put seeds into the apples then cored them and threaded string through to hang them up. It was really easy to mix the bird seed and vegetable fat together bt it was very messy. This went into plastic cups that we hung up in the wildlife area.



14th February 2017 – Fairtrade Week


Eco Council had the really difficult job of judging the Fairtrade poster competition today. We were working with Mrs Lobb and some of the year one pupils, we eventually managed to choose a winner from each class and an overall winner. Everyone who entered had done lots or research on what Fairtrade was and who it benefits. Take a look below at some of the amazing entries we received and the winners.


It was great to see so many of the classes doing work on Fairtrade this week, we had poetry, writing and art.


We are going to start working with Rachel from Biffa (the waste recycling people) and some students from the university. We will be doing workshops on reducing, reusing and recycling as well as visiting the recycling center where all our plastic goes.

Look out for more compost bins around school so we can compost out fruit peels.


February – April 2017


We have been learning lots during our recycling workshops with Biffa.


Our first compost bin is full now as everyone has done a great job filling it with our break time fruit peel.
We met the students and started playing a guess the object game with pictures pinned to our backs. We had to guess which recycling bin the object should go in.

We also had a big bag or household rubbish to put into the correct bins, some were easy and some were confusing. We needed to remember that bottle lids can’t be recycled but the bottles went into the plastic bin!
We watched a video about all the waste rubbish floating around in the seas and oceans damaging sealife habitats. We had to draw our own comic strip letting everyone know of the dangers and how to stop them.

We also made flower pots from recycled items and grew cress!

Tuesday 25th April

Today we planted our potatoes. We are growing 2 different varieties, a regional variety and Rocket. We got very muddy, but we can’t wait for them to grow.


Wednesday 26th April 2017


Today we went to Longley Lane Recycling Facility in Sharston. We were met by Jess who spoke to us about recycling waste and what happens to it once it has been collected from our houses. As it was a working factory we all had to put on safety clothes, they were a bit uncomfortable but we looked great! We had a tour of the factory and it smelt awful!



2015/2016 Eco Councillors


We are Medlocks Eco Team. We work around school to make it a more enviromentally friendly place to be.

full eco team 1


We have carried out an environmental review and made an action plan of the areas we needed to work on to make Medlock a greener place.

Action Plan


Here is our new Eco code> lets all try and follow it!




Wonderful Wildlife

Medlock Eco Force entered a competition with MEEN (Manchester Environmental Educational Network) to promote the wellbeing of bees and how useful they are. We had some great entries and as a result we were given some Crocus Ruby Giant, Specie Tulips and Muscarie bulbs to attract bees in spring. Look out for them in the raised beds at the front of school.

Before we finished for Christmas we thought it would be a nice idea to make some feeders for the birds. We threaded cheerios onto string and hung them on the branches in the wildlife area.

eco feeders 1 eco feeders

Rocket Science Project

Medlock Eco Force have the amazing opportunity to grow some seeds that have been with Tim Peake up in space. The Royal Horticultural Society has sent some seeds up with Tim on his space mission and when he comes back down they are getting sent to schools to carry out an experiment to see how the conditions in space affect the growing of the seeds. Watch this video to see Tim in space.

Exciting day today!  We received our Rocket Science packs with our seeds and information. Eco Force will plant the seeds this week and start the experiment. We have 2 packets of seeds one has been to space and the other hasn’t, we don’t know which is which. We have to grow them both under exactly the same conditions to show a fair test and collate all the information. We will keep you updated.

rocket seeds


Our Rocket seeds are growing well.DSCN4879

Tree Planting

On the 21st March and the 23rd March we are holding a tree planting event after school. You will be able to come along with your family and plant a tree together that will hopefully last for years to come. There will be a small charge to make a label to put your families name on the tree so you know which is yours. The money raised will go towards our new greenhouse so you can help the school and the environment at the same time.

We had a great time planting the trees lots of families joined in and planted a tree. We also had Chorlton on Medlock Allotment Society come and join us. They were a great help and bought nest boxes to decorate. We have now put them up and will hopefully encourage birds to our grounds.

 DSCN4782nest boxDSCN4781

Grow your own sunflower competition

One of the members of Eco Force had the great idea of a class sunflower competition. Every class has a sunflower to look after and grow. Miss Herbert, Mr Woodburn, Miss Scott, Mrs Hart, the office staff and the Homeroom have all joined in. Lets see whose grows the most!

sunflowers (8)sunflowers (7)


27 /05/2016

Our sunflowers are growing really well, I hope they will be ok during half term. I know some have gone on a little holiday of their own.


sunflowers 1    sunflowers



The sunflowers have all been planted outside tin the garden area now and are looking good. No signs of flowers yet but they are strong looking plants. Lets hope we get flowers before we break up for the summer!

sunflowers 3pe     sunflowers 5ns


The parents from Friday morning meeting spoke to me about having a herb garden in the grounds. We weeded one of the raised beds at the front of the school, which was very hard work, then planted it up with herbs. They are growing really well and it was great to work with the parents on this project. Hopefully we will be able to do more work with parents in the future.

parents herbs (7) parents herbs (2)parents herbs