From September 2014 Medlock is teaching Spanish to all the children in Key stage 2 every week. Children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 will be involved in foreign language celebrations such as Spanish Week where they will listen to songs and rhymes in Spanish and join in, singing and often using actions to show their understanding.
Spanish Week was a whole school introduction to the Spanish speaking world, where links were made in each class to a particular country in areas as diverse as PE, music, art, English, maths, food technology and ICT. It was amazing to see how our children and their families were so enthusiastic about our languages programme!
Our scheme of work initially focuses on speaking and listening in various contexts, such as short conversations or storytelling. As the year progresses we will develop whole class performances in Spanish. We will help the children with accurate pronunciation and teach correct grammatical forms throughout the year, starting with articles and gender (e.g la chica, el chico). The methodology we will use will be to use collaborative learning and a Talk for Writing approach, which link to our whole shcool approach in other subject areas.