Art is planned and taught as part of our schools creative, cross curricular approach to learning. It is a strong part of the curriculum and is used to support learning in other subjects. The children have regular opportunities to express themselves linked to a variety of themes using different media and materials such as paint, collage, clay and textiles. Each child from year 1 to year 6 has their own sketchbook which moves with them through the school.  In this they are able develop and use the National Curriculum key skills for art and design  and then  apply these to a final piece of work.

As part of their understanding of art and design the children regularly attend visits to Manchester Art Gallery and the Whitworth Art Gallery and use the art work of a number of artists, crafts people and designers.  We regularly encourage the children to respond to the art works, sharing their opinions and raising any questions they have about the work.

The children are also encouraged  to use art to support their work in reading and writing. Such as, using a painting as a starting point for writing or using drawing to interpret meaning in poetry.