Book Review and Blog Winners!

 “Layla has been amazing since joining Year 5. She has shown great understanding in guided reading and shares ideas about the characters in books.” – Ms Mirza

“Bayley is a confident reader. She has a fantastic range of vocabulary from all the books she has read!” – Ms Mirza
“Both Amelia and Kalel are so enthusiastic about their learning. Both of them love stories and books and enjoy talking about what they have read.
Kalel loves asking questions and finding out more about what he knows .
Amelia loves to practice what she already knows to help her learning move forward.”  – Miss Scott
 “Well done to all. I am very impressed with all winners and I am especially proud of Kai.
Kai you work extremely hard and I am pleased you have won the competition.” – Mrs Lobb

“Kara is a great role model in 1KM. She always gives 100% effort in all areas of learning. Kara has shown dedication and persistence in her reading and phonics work and I am very proud of her progression. She is a well deserving winner.” – Miss Mooney