Information for Parents/Carers


School doors open for pupils at 8.45am with registration at 8.55am.

Arrival in the classroom after this time is counted as a late.

Children who are registered for Breakfast Club may be dropped off from 8.00am. Please do not send your children in before this time as there is no-one available to supervise them. You are welcome to wait with your child until Breakfast Club opens in the school reception area.

Breakfast club should be paid for in advance – on the day bookings can not be taken as we can not allocate staff on short notice. We need to know how many children are there so we  allocate the right number of staff.

Please see the office staff to book a place and see the prices.

Parents and carers for children in years 1 to 3 are welcome to settle their children in and help them to get started on their morning tasks. Parents and carers in years 4 to 6, please support your children in developing their independence by allowing them to get started on their own.

All parents and carers should leave their children in their classrooms, settled and ready for their learning by 8.55.

All internal school gates will be locked at 9.00 am. Anyone arriving after this time must use the main school entrance and will receive a late mark.

School finishes at 3.15pm for Foundation Stage – please collect your child from their classroom.

School Finishes at 3.20pm for Year 1 – please collect your child from their classroom in the Autumn Term and first half of the Spring Term. In the second half of the Spring term and the Summer term, please collect your child for their teacher on the playground.

School Finishes at 3.20pm for Years 2 to 6 – please collect your child from their teacher on the playground.

If you would like your child to be released at the end of the day without adult supervision, please let the school know in writing. Medlock Primary School strongly advises that this only applies to children in years 5 and 6.

Children are not allowed to play on the school grounds before or after school. With this in mind, please make sure your children keep away from all the climbing frames as well as the activities and equipment on the Nursery and Reception playgrounds. As we can not supervise your children we unable to ensure their safety.

Please Collect your child promptly at the correct time. School staff are not available to supervise children after 3.30pm, they have other responsibilities they need to complete.

If you are going to be late, please contact school at the earliest opportunity and let us know what you have arranged. For instance, if a family friend or parent of a classmate is picking them up instead, let us know so we can inform the class teacher.  As a last resort an emergency after school club place can be booked at a cost of £10 per child.

If you are late and have not contacted school it will be assumed that you require an emergency after school club place and you will be charged £10 per child to cover the session.

After School Club places are available every day. After School Club runs from 3.30 pm to 5.55pm at a cost of £7.50 per child per session. All sessions should be booked and paid for in advance. If you have an emergency and would like to access a place at short notice, the  rate of £10 per child per session applies.

Across the year various clubs run before and after school. Look out for notices and letters from the teachers running the clubs for information, timings and dates.