Payments Online

If  you already have a Paypal account all you will need is your login information. If you do not have a Paypal account you will need your payment card.


Paying Online

  1. Click the drop down menu under the heading ‘Price List‘.
  2. Select which item you want to pay for.
  3. Click the ‘Pay Now‘ button. A new page will appear.
  4. In the ‘Description‘ box, write your child’s name, class and what the payment is for, ie ‘Jenny Smith, 5MN, 2 weeks Dinners’.
  5. In the ‘Quantity‘ box, select how many items you want to pay for, ie dinners for 2 weeks, select ‘2’ or dinners for 4 weeks select ‘4’.
  6. Press ‘Continue‘.
  7. If you do not have a Paypal account, click on the button ‘Checkout as Guest‘ then enter card details as requested.
  8. If you have an account, simply login and pay.


Price List

SIMS Agora is a new system that links to your child’s dinner money records held by the school. Once your account has been activated you will be able to see your child’s dinner money balance. When you make a payment the balance is automatically updated.

SimsAgora pay your school dinners here.