Nursery 1 information pack

 Nursery 1 – Pre-School provision


When your child first starts at Medlock they will be assigned to their own key person, who you will be introduced to on your child’s first day. This person will be a member of staff who will be based within Nursery 1. The key person is responsible for getting to know you and your child and will help them settle in. They will spend time asking you questions, getting to know your child’s likes and interests and will spend time with your child during play experiences such as reading stories, arts and crafts or building with the construction. As your child begins to feel more secure and confident the key person will help them build relationships with the other children and staff within the room.

Your child will have their key person throughout their whole time within Nursery 1 but as they gain more confidence and independence they will need them less for emotional support but will return to them to help them with achieving their goals or for a little reassurance from time to time.


Daily Routine for morning session

8.45-9.00am – Welcome children

9.00-9.10am – Carpet time/ Hello song

9.10-10.30am – Continuous play and learning

10.30-10.40am – Fruit snack and water/ nappy changing

10.40-11.30am – Continuous play and learning

11.30-11.45am – Story time and singing


Daily Routine for afternoon session

12.30pm – Welcome children

12.30-12.45pm – Carpet time/ Hello song

12.45-2.00pm – Continuous play and learning

2.00-2.10pm – Fruit snack and water/ nappy changing

2.10-3.15pm – Continuous play and learning

3.15-3.30pm – Story time and singing




Please see office staff to see if you qualify for free hours.




If you would like to register your child with us you will need to come along and fill out a few forms. We require you to complete a registration form for your child, provide proof of address and proof of any of the above documents in order to claim the free 15 hours. Where possible we would also request photo ID of your child such as a passport.

If you have any questions regarding the 2 year old free nursery hours please don’t hesitate to contact the school. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.